1996    Royal College of Psychiatrists Chiltern and Thames Valley Division Meeting: Audit Prize Presentation: The use of high dose antipsychotic medication.

1997    Royal College of Psychiatrists Annual Meeting: Poster Presentation: A Historical study of elderly patients admitted to the Warneford Asylum 1826-1900.

1997    Royal Society of Medicine Section of Geriatrics and Gerontology: Case Presentation: The general election, depressive delusions and syndrome of inappropriate ADH.

1998    Royal College of Psychiatrists Winter Meeting: Poster Presentation: Identification of patients receiving high dose antipsychotics.

1999    Royal College of Psychiatrists Old Age Faculty Annual Meeting: Philip Davis Prize Lecture: Aged and dangerous: Psychiatric aspects of elderly offenders.

1999    Royal College of Psychiatrists Annual Meeting: Poster: The correspondence of a nineteenth century physician superintendent.

2000    British Journal of Hospital Medicine Conference: What's new in old age psychiatry, Royal College of Physicians: Invited to speak on old age forensic psychiatry.

2000    Royal College of Psychiatrists: Forensic Faculty Annual Meeting, Cardiff: Invited to present a workshop in old age forensic psychiatry.

2000    Alzheimer Disease Society Conference: Risk Management and Tagging in Dementia Care, Newcastle: Invited to provide an introduction to the conference by giving an overview of the history of restraint in dementia.

2001    Royal College of Psychiatrists: Old Age Faculty Annual Meeting, Jersey: Poster: Older Adults Referred to Forensic Services in Lothian and Lanarkshire, Scotland.

2001    Modernising Services for Older People, London: Invited to speak on National Service Framework for Older People.

2001    National Organisation for the Treatment of Abusers Annual Conference, Cardiff: Co-presented workshop on Elderly Sex Offenders.

2002    Trent Dementia Interest Group Conference, Nottingham: Invited to speak on Dementia and Offending.

2002    Dementia: Current Concepts, National Conference, York: Invited to speak on The Assessment and Management of Aggression in Dementia.

2002    Dementia: Mind, Meaning and the Person: Joint Conference of the Philosophy Special Interest Group and Faculty of Old Age Psychiatry, Newcastle: Poster presentation: Criminal responsibility, citizenship and dementia.

2003    Faculty of Old Age Psychiatry Annual Meeting, London: Workshop: Forensic aspects of dementia.

2003    Royal College of Psychiatrists Annual Meeting, Edinburgh: Workshop:  Assessment of dangerousness in old age.

2003    Department of Forensic Mental Health Science, Institute of Psychiatry: Research Presentation: Elderly Patients at a High Secure Hospital.

2004    Regional Meeting of Old Age Psychiatrists, Sutton: Meeting the challenge of extreme behaviours in late life.

2004    Conference Clinical Risks in Mental Health: Current Strategies for Prevention and Management, St Catherine’s College, Oxford: Invited to speak on Assessment of Dangerousness in Old Age.

2004    Old Age Psychiatry CPD Meeting, Bethlem Royal Hospital: Presentation: Forensic Old Age Psychiatry - where are we now?

2004    Conference: Mental Health and Ageing: Creative Approaches, Norwich: Lecture: Approaching Extreme Behaviour in Old Age.

2005    Old Age Psychiatry Conference, Leicester: Invited to speak on Forensic Old Age Psychiatry.

2005    Rampton Hospital CPD Meeting: The over 60s in secure hospitals.

2005    Annual Old Age Psychiatry Symposium, Cardiff: Lecture on old age forensic psychiatry.

2006    Invited Expert at Maudsley Grand Round: A Case of Uxoricide.

2006    Guildford Psychiatry CPD Meeting: Lecture on old age forensic psychiatry.

2007    Conference: Dementia & Mental Health of Older People, Imperial College, London: Risk Assessment in the Elderly.

2008    National Conference on Research in Medium Secure Units: Institute Of Psychiatry: Poster: Characteristics and Outcome of Referrals to a Specialist Old Age Forensic Psychiatry Unit.

2008    Neuropsychiatry Case Conference, Institute of Psychiatry: Case Presentation on sexual assault and probable fronto-temporal dementia.

2008    Forensic Neuropsychiatry Conference at St Andrew’s Hospital: Organised and Chaired meeting, and presented a workshop: Neuropsychiatric disorders and offending.

2009    Cardiff University MSc Course in Psychiatry: Invited by Professor Pamela Taylor to give lecture on Old Age Forensic Psychiatry.

2009    Secure Commissioning Conference, London: Presentation on Ageing and Brain Injury in Secure Settings.

2009    Carstairs High Secure Hospital, Scotland, CPD Meeting: Invited to speak on Forensic Neuropsychiatry and Fronto-temporal Dementia

2009    22nd Annual Cardiff Psychogeriatricians Conference: Update on Old Age Forensic Psychiatry.

2009    West Midlands Specialist Registrar Group: Managing extreme behaviour in old age.

2010    Severe Aggression and Violence in the Elderly: Presentation to Conference at Staffordshire University.

2010    Fife Mental Health Collaborative: Improving Dementia Care: Invited to speak on the management of aggression in older adults.

2010    College Education and Training Committee: Course leader for One Day Training Course in Enhanced Appraisal for Leicester Partnerships Trust.

2011 Contemporary Challenges in the Psychiatry of Older People. Invited to do a presentation of forensic issues in late life. Andrew Sims Centre, Leeds.

2011 Royal College of Psychiatrists Old Age Faculty Conference, Stratford: Invited to present a debate on Old Age Forensic Psychiatry.

2011  Institute of Psychiatry, Forensic Mental Health Department: Invited to present a case for discussion.

2011    Andrew Sims Centre, Leeds – invited to present a whole day teaching event on the assessment and management of offending in late life. 



2000    6th World Congress on Innovations in Psychiatry, London: Presented paper on old age forensic psychiatry.

2000    International Conference on Special Needs Offenders, Toronto: Workshop: Elderly Mentally Disordered Offenders: a Neglected Group.

2003    Innovations in Old Age Psychiatry Conference, Berlin: Oral Presentation: Aggression in Old Age.

2004    Innovations in Old Age Psychiatry Conference, Barcelona: Oral Presentation: The Management of Challenging Behaviour.

2009    European Psychiatric Association Conference, Lisbon: Invited to give oral presentation: Old Age Forensic Psychiatry – a UK perspective.

2009    Challenging Behaviour in Dementia Conference, Melbourne: Plenary Session via Webinar Link: Offending in dementia.

2009    International Association of Forensic Mental Health Services Conference, Edinburgh: Oral Presentation: Outcomes in Old Age Forensic Psychiatry, and Poster:  A Specialist Unit for Older Women Offenders – the First Six Months.

2010    Royal College of Psychiatrists Forensic Faculty Conference, Dublin:  Workshop:  The Assessment and Management of Neuropsychiatric Patients across different tiers of security (with colleagues from Ashworth High Secure Hospital) and Poster: Characteristics of Older Adults Transferred from Prison to Hospital.

2010    International Psychogeriatric Association Conference, Santiago, Spain, September  2010: Co-author of poster on Elderly Homicides.

2011    Royal College of Psychiatrists Forensic Faculty Conference, Berlin:  Poster – Elderly Homicide Offenders.